The Holy Land

Daystar in Israel

From the pages of history to modern day headlines, Israel is without a doubt one of the most significant nations of all time. Not only is Israel the birthplace of the Bible and where we find the roots of the Christian faith, but also it’s the only land that carries a promise. From the moment God called Israel his own, he proclaimed a blessing over all who bless it. That means every time you give to support Israel, God is standing ready to bless you until your cup overflows.

Daystar in Israel

Help us make a difference in Israel today!

Daystar is on the ground in Israel through our many Partners. Give now to support ongoing efforts in the Holy Land.

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Israel Projects

Making a difference in the Holy Land 


Supporting the Elderly

A joined project between Keren Hayesod and the Government of Israel, where we give support to 7000 elderly, including holocaust survivors across Israel.


Immigrants from Ethiopia

Partnering with Aliyah absorption centers to help provide for the needs of Ethiopian immigrants.


Immigrants from FSU

Partnering with Aliyah to help absorb immigrants from the Former Soviet Union.


Bomb Shelters

Daystar is helping to build 20 bomb shelters in high risk areas for rocket fire.


Ukranian Jewish Refugees

Daystar is partnering with Kehilat HaCarmel to help Ukranian Jewish refugees arriving at Beit Yedidia.


Help for Ukraine

Daystar is partnering with those on the frontlines in Ukraine.


Helping Displaced & Affected Families

On going projects to help those in need.


Daystar Mt. Zion Studio

Daystar brings on-location broadcasts direct from the Holy Land from our Mt. Zion Studio located in Jerusalem.


Assaf Harofeh Medical Center

Daystar has helped to build a new Trauma and Rehab Center at the Assaf Harofeh Medical Center in Tel Aviv

Pesach for Holocaust Survivors

In partnership with Reach Initiative International we are helping make Pesach special for about 500 Holocaust Survivors.


Olive Tree Initiative

For thousands of years, agriculture has played an important role in the lives of the Jewish people. With that in mind, Daystar began the Olive Tree Initiative to plant olive trees sponsored by our partners in fertile soil located near the Mt. of Beatitudes and Megiddo—strengthening Israel’s economy by providing agricultural revenue for generations to come.


Larger Than Life

As one of the largest contributors to Larger Than Life, an Israeli organization that provides lifesaving treatment for children with cancer, Daystar has helped countless families find hope and healing. Through the generous support of our partners, we’re standing with Jewish people in the struggle and fighting the battle against cancer every day.


Loving the Land

Daystar’s Loving the Land project works to preserve privately owned Israeli land for future agricultural use.


ARISE Summit

Daystar sponsors and provides media coverage for the annual ARISE Business Matchmaking Summit in Tel Aviv, Israel. This conference hosts 500 Christian business people from around the globe and is connecting them with Israeli businesses and entrepreneurs to facilitate a first of its kind matchmaking experience ultimately leading to investments in Israeli industries and, advancing peaceful coexistence.

On Air in Israel

Watch Daystar on Television in Israel

Daystar Television is committed to supporting the country and people of Israel. In addition to the various charitable endeavors that Daystar is part of, we can be seen on television in Israel on channels HOT (Channel 70), YES (Channel 48), Cellcom (Channel 159) and Partner TV (Channel 87). Daystar is pleased to be the only Christian television network available full time on HOT cable and Yes satellite in all of Israel. Because of this, the good news of the Gospel is going forth uninhibited across the Holy Land, 24 hours a day, seven days a week!


Daystar on Hot Cable

Channel 70


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Daystar on Partner TV

Channel 87


Daystar on Cellcom

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