Together, we’re Partners in Action!

Daystar Television Network is driven by the mission to take the good news of Jesus Christ to the entire world. We do this in a number of ways. Whether it’s buying new TV stations, expanding our coverage on cable and satellite, improving our live stream or giving to other ministries – everything we do is directed toward spreading the message of the Gospel.

We realize that none of this would happen without the faithful support of our partners. By enabling Daystar to do what we have been called to do, you are touching the world for God. Everything you donate to Daystar goes straight into ministry (never to salaries), so you can be sure your gift is making a real difference in lives all over the earth.

Because you mean so much to us, we want to know more about you. Take a moment to fill out the partner questionnaire under the “Share Your Story” tab above. While you’re here, read stories from other partners just like you in the “Read Stories” section.
If you are not a Daystar Partner, you can become one by clicking on the “Support” tab. We appreciate every gift, big or small.

We love our partners at Daystar, because together we are Partners in Action!


Share your story with Daystar

We’re so glad you’re here! Your story matters and we are excited to hear how God has used Daystar to impact your life. Our hope is that we can use your journey to lift someone else up.

When we share what God has done for us it has the power to encourage, inspire, and build faith in everyone who hears it. The same Jesus Who transformed your life wants to do in others, and you help make it possible.

Thank you for taking time to tell us how the Lord has moved in your heart by connecting with Him through Daystar. It may seem like a little thing now, but you’re making a difference for eternity. We can’t wait to read all about it.