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What is Heart for the World?

When you partner with Daystar during Heart for the World, you’re helping people everywhere find connection and community through faith in Christ!

Through your support, the message of the Gospel is transforming lives as the love of God is poured out in remote villages, urban epicenters, and everywhere in between. With you by our side, we’re able to reach even farther with hope—adding more television stations, increasing cable and satellite coverage, and supporting other faith-based ministries.

Each day of Heart for the World, Joni Lamb and the Lamb family will invite you to join them in making a difference that impacts eternity. This life-changing week of programming will be filled with encouraging messages and prophetic ministry from the leading voices in Christian media, along with powerful worship from the Daystar Singers!

So don’t miss your chance to help create a lasting connection that transforms lives! Be sure to mark your calendar, tell all your friends, and make plans to watch Heart for the World  June 9-16 only on Daystar.

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Special Guests

Learn more about our Heart for the World special guests. 


Jimmy Evans

The founder and President of XO Marriage, Jimmy has studied end-times prophecy for more than 45 years and shared his expertise with millions of people worldwide. He is passionate about helping believers find hope, peace, and encouragement in the Word of God. Jimmy’s recent book, Tipping Point, focuses entirely on end-times prophecy and is the culmination of a lifetime studying and preaching on the subject. He is also the author of more than seventeen books including Marriage On The Rock, Strengths Based Marriage, The Overcoming Life, The Four Laws of Love, and I Am David.


Perry Stone

For decades, evangelist, author, and teacher, Perry Stone, has become internationally known for his love of the Jewish people, knowledge of cultural customs and Jewish symbolism within the Bible, and strong understanding of End Time prophecy and its connection to current events. After earning his B.A. in Theology, Perry began traveling and hosting significant revivals, becoming a highly requested speaker for conferences around the world. As founder of Voice of Evangelism, Perry has ministered in many nations all across the globe, and through his weekly telecast, Manna-Fest with Perry Stone, he has helped reveal the Jewish roots of the Bible as well as their significant connection to End Time events. Along with his wife, Pam, Perry has hosted trips to Israel for more than 36 years, taking a remarkable 8000 individuals to the Holy Land. To date, he has authored over one hundred books and booklets with many being translated into numerous languages and has become a noted best-selling author. Recently, after 7 years of in-depth research, Perry wrote personal commentary that is estimated to be over one-million words and included are thousands of sermon notes on both the Old and New Testaments, focusing on ancient history as well as Hebrew and Greek word studies.


Sid Roth

Sid Roth, a former account executive for Merrill Lynch, was raised in a traditional Jewish home. Yet, religious tradition provided no answers when he hit rock bottom in 1972. With his life out of control and his marriage in shambles, Sid was set free from demonic oppression through a supernatural encounter with Jesus. Immediately, he began to boldly proclaim Jesus as the Jewish Messiah.

In 1977 Sid started a ministry called “Messianic Vision” and a nationally syndicated radio broadcast by the same name. But the Messianic Vision is more than a ministry or a program; it is a desire to reach out with the good news of the Messiah, “to the Jew first” (Romans 1:16). This is not just God’s historical order for spreading the gospel, but also His eternal spiritual order. When we follow this “law of evangelism,” God opens a supernatural door to reach Gentiles as well. God’s heart is to reach all people. His strategy is “to the Jew first.”


Dr. Michael Brown

Dr. Michael L. Brown became a believer in Jesus 1971 as a sixteen year-old, heroin-shooting, LSD-using Jewish rock drummer. Since then, he has preached throughout America and around the world, bringing a message of repentance, revival, reformation and cultural revolution.

He holds a Ph.D. in Near Eastern Languages and Literatures from New York University and has served as a visiting or adjunct professor across the country and he has contributed numerous articles to scholarly publications, including the Oxford Dictionary of Jewish Religion and the Theological Dictionary of the Old Testament.

Dr. Brown is a national and international speaker on themes of spiritual renewal and cultural reformation, and he has debated Jewish rabbis, agnostic professors, and gay activists on radio, TV and college campuses. He is widely considered to be the world’s foremost Messianic Jewish apologist.


Joseph Z

Joseph Z is an international prophetic voice that builds lives by the Word of God in the church, government, and marketplace. He is the founder of the nonprofit organization, Z Ministries a parent entity for multiple conferences, specialized ministries, and social media events. Joseph broadcasts LIVE each weekday morning for one hour of teaching and Prophetic Ministry on the Joseph Z Facebook page and through JosephZ.Com. Joseph and his wife Heather have two amazing children Alison and Daniel and reside in the beautiful State of Colorado.


Lee Cummings

Lee Cummings is the Senior Leader of Radiant Church in Kalamazoo, MI. In addition to his role at Radiant, Lee is an overseer and mentor to many next-generation leaders and church planters. This role led to the launch of the Radiant Network, in which he serves as the founder and president. Since that launch in June of 2016, churches across the United States and North America call themselves Radiant Church, and many more have joined the Radiant Network family of churches.

Lee is a sought after speaker at leadership events, conferences, and churches worldwide. And he’s the author of the highly acclaimed books Be Radiant, Flourish: Planting Your Life Where God Designed it to Grow, School of the Spirit: Living A Spirit-Empowered Life, and the latest release, Give No Rest.


Kynan Bridges

Dr. Kynan was born in Atlanta, GA and lived there most of his life, where he was trained under his spiritual father Pastor Wayne C. Thompson, until 2006 when God called him out of Atlanta to develop the Vision which He placed in Kynan’s heart. In 2010, Kynan and his wife, Gloria, began an in-home Bible Study for one year where the Lord disclosed to them His Kingdom Vision. It was out of this revelation that the Holy Spirit urged Kynan to begin a teaching ministry in Tampa, Florida that He would use to greatly impact the world. The previous fifteen years of contending with God and growing in His love had culminated in this: Grace & Peace Global Fellowship. God has placed on Pastor Kynan a peculiar anointing for understanding and teaching the Scriptures along with the gift of prophecy and healing. Pastor Kynan has committed these gifts to the power of the Holy Spirit and desires for the anointing of God to flow through his life to touch God’s people. He is a committed husband, mentor, and father of five beautiful children: Ella, Naomi, Isaac, Israel, and Anna. He is a published author and speaker.


Russell Johnson

Born and raised in Seattle, Washington, Russell Johnson has always felt that God has something special in store for the Pacific Northwest, but he never imagined his part in that would be planting a church.

After spending the early years of his career working in politics and public policy, Russell felt the firm calling of God into full time ministry. In the summer of 2014, he and his wife Marija stepped out in faith to launch a church plant in Snohomish, WA. Having made a decision and commitment to live intentionally passionate lives, pursuing the presence of God, they aptly named the church “The Pursuit.”

The Pursuit started in a barn with broken windows, no indoor plumbing, no heat, but with plenty of people who loved God and wanted to see Him move in their community.

In 2018, with the Lord’s help and a faithful and faith-filled group of Believers, the church was able to purchase a former department store building and began a full-scale remodel, converting the space into the multi-use church, preschool/childcare facility and outreach center it is today.


Troy Brewer

Troy Brewer is the founding and senior pastor of OpenDoor Church in Burleson, Texas. He is known for his relevant and authentic teachings, amazing insights, and studies on the wonders of God including astronomy, numbers, typology, and times and seasons. He has a radical love for Jesus and a passion for serving people beyond the norm.
Troy has a passion for “reaching Christians for Jesus” and is seen by a world-wide Internet audience every week from OpenDoor Church. His unique style and revelatory perspective brings clear and simple understanding to complex Kingdom issues and principles. He likes to say he has the “gift of realness,” and that ability helps him reach both the lost and the saved with the transformational teachings of Jesus Christ.

Thank You Gifts

Our gift to you for your Heart for the World donation.


Through the Storm

It is inevitable that we will face an unexpected difficulty and turbulent seasons in life. From losing a loved one to an unexpected medical emergency, sudden storms hit us and turn our worlds upside down, and they can leave an aftermath of pain, fear, brokenness, and confusion. So how do you find the strength and faith to make it through when everything feels like its crashing in on you? In her candid and heartfelt new book Through the Storm, Joni Lamb invites readers into her personaljourney, giving an inside look at the trials she’s faced in life, including the passing of her late husband, Marcus Lamb, and how God healed her heart through it all. Discover the unwavering faithfulness of God as Joni shares key truths to apply to your life when you’re facing impossible circumstances. Find your peace on the other side of the chaos with Through the Storm!


Trust: With All Your Heart

In Trust: With All Your Heart, you’ll discover how believing in who God is and what His Word says can unlock the impossible in your life. With narration and Scriptures read by Joni Lamb, you’ll experience the Bible in a new way with these vibrant retellings of classic stories from God’s Word, finding a greater boldness and an unshakeable hope. Featuring original songs by the Daystar Singers and exclusive music composed by Joshua Brown, you’ll discover when God is for you no weapon, anxiety, fear, or circumstance can overtake you when you Trust: With All Your Heart!


What’s Next? Israel-Gaza War

It began with a brazen attack on sleeping Jewish communities. A sudden wave of violence on October 7th that shocked the world. And it ignited a war that has divided nations and sparked debates and protests. But why did this happen? What led to such an atrocity? And could there be an End Time link? In his explosive new book What’s Next? Israel-Gaza War: Connecting Today’s Headlines to Tomorrow’s Prophetic Events, Jimmy Evans exposes the demonic roots of antisemitism, the history of this on-going conflict, the stunning global divide, and how it relates to the Last Days.


Ally of Israel Certificate

Throughout biblical history, the promise to “bless those who bless” Israel has never changed. To honor your unwavering commitment to stand on the truth of Scripture, expose the lies of the enemy, and faithfully bless the nation of Israel, the specially designed Ally of Israel Certificate is a powerful reminder of your commitment to God’s ancient covenant.


I Am: God’s Nature Revealed Through His Ancient Names

This beautiful coffee table book delves into the ancient Hebrew names of God, offering a visually stunning and spiritually enriching experience. Each page unveils the profound significance behind God’s names, providing a unique lens into His multifaceted character. With its beautiful design and compelling insights, I Am: God’s Nature Revealed Through His Ancient Names isn’t just a book; it’s a captivating centerpiece designed to lead you to an encounter with the living God – the great I AM.


Daystar Gala

Advancing God’s Kingdom is a commitment to defeating darkness around the world through the enduring light of the Gospel. At Daystar, we are shining that hope to the ends of the earth—and the results are nothing short of miraculous as people everywhere embrace the message of Christ. To honor your spirit of compassion, partners who give $5,000 or more will be invited to the exclusive Daystar Gala to celebrate your investment in eternity. This private, invitation-only event will be an opportunity for Joni Lamb and the Lamb family to personally thank you for sharing their vision to transform every life through the power of the Gospel!

Heart for the World


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